Mary Cohen: Egbert's Circus Games

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Cod produs: SKU700
Cod catalog: 0571511899
Editura: Faber Music
Status: Cerere speciala
Categorie: Partitura & Versuri/coarde/Vioara/Children/Instrumental Tutor
Au contribuit: Cohen, Mary (Compozitor)
Limba: Engleza
Nivel: 1
Gen: Children
Nr. pagini: 24

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What happened when Egbert joined Mr. Bim Bam's Circus?The intrepid hero of The Adventures Of Egbert watches his circus friends performing their daily routines, and imitates their actions on his Violin. Intended for use in conjunction with The Adventures Of Egbert, Egbert's Circus Games is a series of warm-up exercises for beginner Violinists. Designed to encourage the development of good technique right from the start, it holds the pupil's attention by placing the necessary routines within the context of the Egbert story. Comprehensive teacher's notes give guidance and helpful technical hints.

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