The Music Factory: Teacher Resource Book

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Editura: Faber Music
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Categorie: Carti despre muzica/Music for Schools/Education
Au contribuit: Rayner, Jonathan (Autor)
Limba: Engleza
Nivel: 3
Gen: Theory, Education
Nr. pagini: 206

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The Music Factory is a comprehensive, innovative and practical music course, covering Key stage 3 of the National Curriculum and GCSE. The core of The Music Factory is a flexible Teacher Resource Book , containing 120 practical activities for classroom music-making. This book aims to provide teachers with a comprehensive source of ideas, approaches and starting points. Each of the five chapters focus on a conceptual area: Rhythm and Metre; Pitch and Melody; Harmony; Structure and Form; and Timbre and Texture. Each chapter has four sections, progressing from elementary to more advanced material; and each section contains six main activities, each presenting a framework for music-making focused around a particular idea, and involving whole-class, group or individual work. The activities explore a variety of musical styles, and seek to reveal the similarities and individual characteristics of each. Some activities share a stylistic focus, such as aspects of North Indian classical music, or the 12-bar blues. This is a fantastic resource for teachers and, whenever possible, suggested listening is drawn from a range of musical cultures.

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