Marcel Mule: Dix Huit Exercices Et Etudes D'Après Berbiguier (Saxofon)

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Cod catalog: AL20209
Editura: Alphonse Leduc
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Categorie: Partitura & Versuri/Woodwind/Saxofon/Classical/Partitura
Au contribuit: Mule, Marcel (Compozitor)
Limba: Engleza, Franceza, Germana, Japoneza, Chinese
Gen: Post-1900
Serie: Etudes Marcel Mule
Nr. pagini: 24

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Eighteen Exercises or Studies by Marcel Mule (1901-2001), reviewed and arranged for Saxofon, based on 18 Studies for Flute by Benoit Berbiguier (1782-1835). Made for intermediate students, this method should enable the players to develop musicality while maintaining the same quality throughout the piece, if indications are followed well. Marcel Mule (1901-2001) is one of the greatest French Saxophonists, renowned worldwide for his work on the classical Saxofon repertoire. He was teaching his students how to obtain a good quality of sound and believed it was dependent on embouchure, the emission, the mastery of vibrato and, thus, of breathing. He wrote different methods that focus on technique, articulation and tone productions such as 'Scale and Arpeggios' (in three books), 'Exercices Journaliers d’après Terschack' or '30 Grands Exercices ou Études d’après Soussmann' (in two books), among others. Benoit Berbiguier (1782-1835) is a French flautist and composer. He wrote a few methods, duos and exercises for Flute.

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