Henriette Puig-Roget: Quatre Ballades Françaises For Voce And Piano

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Editura: Alphonse Leduc
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Categorie: Partitura & Versuri/acompaniament/Pian acompaniament/Classical/Voce Work
Au contribuit: Puig-Roger, Henriette (Compozitor)
Limba: Engleza
Nivel: 3
Gen: Classical
Nr. pagini: 20

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It was to her teacher Henri Busser, professor of counterpoint at the Conservatoire de Paris, that young composer and organist Henriette Roget (1910-1992) dedicated, in 1934, the Four French Ballads , composed to the poetry of Paul Fort (1872-1960). Nicknamed “the northern cicada” by Mistral, this friend of Verlaine, Mallarmé and Apollinaire began his career as a symbolist playwright at the Théâtre des Arts before deciding to focus exclusively on poetry. His French Ballads mingled popular feeling, creative fantasy and rhythmic elasticity – an alliance that would inspire musicians as diverse as Honegger, Caplet and Brassens. Roget detested works of bravura and bombastic grandiloquence; Paul Fort ’s verse provided fertile material for her inclination toward sincerity, spontaneity and unembellished lyricism. In “ Le Bonheur ”, “ Il nous faut aimer sur terre ”, “ Si le bon dieu l’avait voulu ” and “ Le Diable dans la nuit ”, the music translates the beating of hearts and the vibrations of light with a delicacy and a naturalness that brush the very depths of the soul. Through each of these pure crystals, a precious gift shines: the art of suggestion. I. Le Bonheur II. Il nous faut aimer sur terre III. Si le bon dieu l’avait voulu IV. Le Diable dans la nuit  

Piese muzicale incluse:

Il faut nous aimer sur terre
Le Bonheur
Le Diable dans la Nuit
Si Le Bon Dieu L'Avait Voulu