Edvard Grieg: Norwegian Dances And Other Works

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Eighty-four masterful short compositions for Piano that are among Grieg's most admired and frequently performed musical works, including the well-known Norwegian Dances, Op. 35, Pictures from Country Life, Op. 19, and the Ballade in G Minor, Op. 24. Reprinted from authoritative editions published by C. F. Peters, Leipzig.. Reprint of the C. F. Peters, Leipzig, editions. "TWENTY-FIVE NORWEGIAN FOLK SONGS AND DANCES, OP. 17" I: Springar II: The Young Man Asked His Maiden III: Springar IV: "Nils Tallefjorn, Proud Fellow" V: J?lstring VI: Wedding Tune VII: Halling VIII: "Oh, the Pig Had a Snout" IX: When My Eyes X: Ole Once in Anger XI: On the Dovrefjeld in Norway XII: Solfager and the Snake King XIII: Wedding Recessional March XIV: I Sing with a Sorrowful Heart XV: The Last Saturday Night XVI: I Know of a Little Maiden XVII: The Gadfly Said to the Fly XVIII: Stumping Dance XIX: Hølje Dale XX: Halling XXI: The Woman from Setesdal XXII: Cattle Call XXIII: Did You See Anything of My Wife? XXIV: Wedding Tune XXV: The Ravens' Wedding in Kråkalund "SCENES OF COUNTRY LIFE, Op. 19 (dedicated to J. P. E. Hartmann)" I: Mountain Dance II: The Bridal Procession Passes III: From the Carnival "BALLADE IN THE FORM OF VARIATIONS ON A NORWEGIAN FOLK SONG, Op. 24 " "IMPROVISATA ON NORWEGIAN FOLK TUNES, Op. 29 (dedicated to Ida Aquist)" I: The Boy and Girl in the Cow Barn II: There Was Once a King "FOUR NORWEGIAN DANCES, arr. of Op. 35" I: Allegro marcato II: Allegretto tranquillo e grazioso III: Allegro moderato alla marcia IV: Allegro molto "VALSES-CAPRICES, arr. of Op. 37" I: Tempo di Valse moderato II: Tempo di Valse "PRAYER AND TEMPLE DANCE from Olav Trygvason, arr. from Op. 50" "THREE ORCHESTRAL PIECES FROM Sigurd Jorsalfar, arr.of Op. 56" I: Prelude II: Intermezzo (Borghild's Dream) III: Triumphal March "TWO NORDIC MELODIES , arr. of Op. 63 (dedicated to His Excellency Fredrik Due)" I: In Folk Style II: Cattle Call and Peasant Dance "NINETEEN NORWEGIAN FOLK TUNES, Op. 66" I. Cattle Call II: It is the Greatest Folly III: A King Ruled in the East IV: The Song of Siri Dale V: It Was in My Youth VI: Cattle Call and Lullaby VII: Lullaby VIII: Cattle Call IX: Small Was the Lad X: Tomorrow You Shall Marry Her XI: There Stood Two Girls XII: Ranveig XIII: A Little Gray Man XIV: "In Ola Valley, in Ola Lake" XV: Lullaby XVI: Our Little Astrid XVII: Lullaby XVIII: I Wander Deep in Thought XIX: Gjendine's Lullaby "SLÅTTER (NORWEGIAN PEASANT DANCES), Op. 72 (dedicated to Hermann Kretsch I: Gibøen's Wedding March II: Jon Væstafæ's Springar III: Wedding March from Telemark IV: Halling from the Gnomes' Hill V: The Prillar from Os Parish (Springar) VI: Myllarguten's Gangar VII: Røtnams-Knut (Halling) VIII: Myllarguten's Wedding March IX: Nils Revkve's Halling X: Knut Luråsen's Halling I XI: Knut Luråsen's Halling II XII: Myllarguten's Springar XIII: Havar Gibøen's Dream on the Oterholt Bridge (Springar) XIV: The Goblins' Wedding Procession at Vossevangen (Gangar) XV: The Skuldal Bride (Gangar) XVI: The Maidens of Kivledal (Springer) XVII: The Maidens of Kivledal (Gangar)

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