Andrew D. Gordon: Boogie-Woogie And The Blues

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Gen: Boogie, Blues
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Boogie-Woogie And The Blues is dedicated to all the great Blues and Boogie-Woogie Pianoists who Andrew has had the privilege of listening to over the last 40 years. His first recollection of being inspired to learn Blues Piano was in 1968 when he heard the Blues Piano solo by Nicky Hopkins on the song “Blues Deluxe” from Jeff Beck’s first album “Truth” Just as that Piano solo inspired him, in turn he hopes these songs inspire you in the same way. The song “Boogie with Nicky” is dedicated to Nicky Hopkins. He hopes that you have the same enjoyment learning and playing these songs as he did creating them. There are nine songs in this book which Andrew composed ranging from the slow Blues of H.R. Blues to the up-tempo Boogie-Woogie of Holly and Ben’s Boogie as well as the Ragtime feel of Raggedy Blues. Beside learning from this book it is important to listen to the masters of Blues and Boogie-Woogie Piano styles, a discography on page 2 will get you started. "You have so imaginatively integrated traditional blues sounds in a new and innovative way. I myself have been in what I call a 'riff rut'. Studying this book is going to open my mind immensely. I am really excited about practicing these tunes." - User feedback

Piese muzicale incluse:

Boogie In The Sunshine
Boogie With Nicky
Boogie-Woogie And The Blues
Come On You Blues
H.R. Blues
Holly & Ben's Boogie
Junk Mail Blues
Korean Barbecue Blues
Raggedy Blues