Kiki Sanchez: The Real Latin Piano - Volume 1

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Editura: ADG Productions
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Categorie: Metoda/Pian & Keyboard/Pian Solo/Latin/Instrumental Tutor
Au contribuit: Sanchez, Kiki (Autor)
Limba: Engleza
Nivel: 3
Gen: Latin
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The Real Latin Piano authored by Kiki Sanchez teaches how to play the most important Latin rhythms on the Piano such as: Salsa, Cumbia, Gaujira, Timba, Cumbia, Bolero and other styles. In addition the book explains clearly how to perform Latin Piano grooves on clave 2-3 and 3-2 as well as showing the traditional Salsa arranging structure and how to perform Piano montuno's using American Jazz Harmonies. Sanchez's vision is to expand your musical abilities and have a better understanding about how to play several Latin rhythms on the Piano. These will not only help you with your Piano abilities, but will enrich your musical knowledge as a producer, arranger and educator. In this book Kiki introduces a montuno from his native Peru called the Peruvian Festejo. As an educator Kiki has been working with Pati Vargas on the Latin America Musical Journey, teaching music and the different cultures of Latin America in several public schools and colleges in the South Florida area. The CD that accompanies the book includes 50 audio tracks, 114 mp3 files and 114 MIDI files

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