Andrew D. Gordon: Ultimate Blues Organ Riffs (Book/Online Audio)

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Editura: ADG Productions
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Categorie: Metoda/Pian & Keyboard/orga/Blues/Instrumental Tutor
Au contribuit: Gordon, Andrew D. (Autor)
Limba: Engleza
Gen: Blues, Funk, Gospel, Jazz, Rock
Nr. pagini: 74

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Due to the high demand of two of Andrew D. Gordon's blues Piano/keyboard books, 100 Ultimate Blues Riffs and the 12 Bar Blues Bible, he has adapted examples from the two books along with new examples into a blues organ book and Ultimate Blues Organ Riffs is the result. There is an increased interest in playing the organ these days as many keyboard players are adding organ modules, organs, software etc., to their array of instruments. This book consists of 96 riffs, in many different keys, and covers a wide range of blues organ styles including Blues, Funk, Gospel, Jazz & Rock. The music notation consists of the right and left hand parts as well as a bass line. Although primarily written and recorded with the organ in mind, Pianoists and keyboard players will also find the material in this book very useful. All the 96 examples have been recorded twice, the first time with the organ right and left hand parts, guitar rhythm, bass and tobe. The second time, has the rhythm guitar part, bass and tobe so that the keyboard player can practice along with the rhythm tracks.

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