Théodore Dubois: Treatise Of Harmony – Bass And Voces

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Au contribuit: Dubois, Théodore (Compozitor)
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Gen: Romantic
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Treatise of Harmony – Bass and Voces is an absolute must-have volume on harmonies by Théodore Dubois . Written in the last century (1921), this book includes the two parts of the treatise: Part 1 – Basses and Part 2 – Voces. This volume is quite complex, requires some strong theory knowledge and would be playable by upper-advanced players and professionals. It also features numerous examples. The two parts contains the following sub-sections: Part 1 – Basses:  - Consonant harmonies - Dissonant harmonies - Alterations - Delays - Pedals - Appendix Part 2 – Voces:  - Consonant harmonies - Dissonant harmonies - Alterations - Delays, Pedals… - Appendix

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