Marie-Hélène Siciliano: On Aime La F.M. - Cinquième Année (Book)

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Cod catalog: HC42
Editura: Editions Combre
Status: Cerere speciala
Categorie: Metoda/Brass/All Instruments
Au contribuit: Siciliano, Marie-Hélène (Compozitor)
Limba: Franceza
Serie: On Aime La F.M.
Nr. pagini: 128

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The fifth volume of Marie-Hélène Siciliano 's On Aime La F.M. is aimed at young musicians on their first or second year of their second cycle of musical training. Each lesson in the book is progressive and is composed of note work, rhythm work, Voce work, ear training and theory training, all learned gradually through a very varied repertoire. The book On Aime La F.M. Troisième Année includes 13 lessons, 4 sequences of listening and discovery, 8 technical pages, 3 auditory analyses, 2 supplements of reading notes and rhythmic work as well as 9 fantastic melodies to play. Each lesson is accompanied by additional exercises for extra practice at home, and it's advisable to approach the lessons in order. Throughout the lessons, the student will be singing, but at the end of the book other songs are available whose different structure allows the student to gradually discover melodies, phrasing, breathing and musicality. While being a fun approach to music and music theory, On Aime La F.M. is educational, practical and hugely effective.

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