Paul Balmer: Haynes Drum-Kit Manual

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Editura: Haynes Publishing
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Au contribuit: Balmer, Paul (Autor)
Limba: Engleza
Serie: Haynes Manual
Nr. pagini: 208

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The modern drum-kit has come a long way in the 110 years that have elapsed since it evolved in around 1901 in the bars and brothels of New Orleans – but the principles remain the same. The biggest improvement has been the introduction of better engineering and sturdier hardware – all of which needs constant maintenance. The Haynes Drum-Kit Manual covers the subject in exhaustive detail with step-by-step instructions and clear colour photographs. Key content Buying a drum-kit: a minefield of options simplified in our established template. Know your vintage Ludwig: the classic Oyster Pearl, one of the first great rock kits, as used by Ringo Starr. The standard 2009 ‘Pearl’: made in the USA and never more consistent – a rock standard. Setting up and tuning: the minefield of drum tuning for varied applications – stage and studio. Repairs, maintenance and adjustments: thread repairs, head replacement, lubrication, tools required, etc. Generic hardware: bass pedal, Hi Hat, cymbal and boom stand, tuning threads and lugs, etc. Case studies: Slingerland Gene Krupa; vintage ‘contraption’; Pearl rock kit; small Gretsch ‘Jazz kit’; the extended kit – multi-rack toms and tam tams as used by Queen; Premier, the UK solution – a 1964 Classic in Keith Moon Red Sparkle; Stagg – cheap and cheerful; Yamaha – a good all-rounder; a custom one-off from DW; Steve Gadd’s retro studio kit. Key drummers and their kits: Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Baby Dodds, Louis Belson, Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, Phil Collins, Steve Gadd, Jeff Poccaro

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