Paul Balmer: Acoustic Guitar Manual - How To Buy, Maintain And Set Up Your Acoustic Guitar

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Cod catalog: HAYH4963
Editura: Haynes Publishing
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Categorie: Carti despre muzica/Referinte instrumentale
Au contribuit: Balmer, Paul (Autor)
Limba: Engleza
Serie: Haynes Manual
Nr. pagini: 202

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This easy-to-use manual offers advice on how to get the best from a rich variety of Acoustic Guitars, providing unique insight into their varied design, construction and maintenance. The design and development of Acoustic Guitars is explored in fascinating detail - from the mysteries of rival bracing systems from the 1860s to the myriad transducers of the present. The developments of Antonio Torres, Mario Maccaferri, C.F. Martin, the Dopyera brothers and Bob Taylor all strive to project the Acoustic Guitar into an increasingly noisy world. Thirteen detailed case studies examine the care and maintenance of a range of acoustics, including an Amalia Ramírez classical, a modern 'flamenco', a fabulous '12-fret' Martin Dreadnought, an 'Eric Clapton' 00028, a brilliant 'Belleville' Gypsy Jazz and an historic Lloyd Loar Gibson L5. The Taylor 'Expression System' is examined in detail and seen alongside the contrasting Fishman and Yamaha systems. A new National 'Reso Phonic' is examined in forensic detail, and unique 'videoscope' photography reveals the inner details of 10 very different guitars. Buying the right Acoustic Guitar for you needs Know your Gypsy Jazz and Dreadnought Know your Resonator, 12-string and Bowlback Setting up and tuning Repairs, maintenance and adjustments Thirteen case studies Acoustic amplification options

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