Valérie Bime-Apparailly: Je Débute L'Alto Vol. 2 (Book)

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Categorie: Metoda/coarde/Viola
Au contribuit: Bime-Apparailly, Valerie (Autor)
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Serie: Méthodes Bime-Apparailly
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An educationalist of renown, Viola player Valérie Bime-Apparailly (born in 1962 in Bordeaux) is the author of numerous beginner methods for string instruments that have met with unflagging success. The second volume of the series Je Débute L’Alto once again takes up the challenge of the first collection: to combine precision with the pleasure of playing. To do this, each chapter starts with a short sequence of exercises enabling pupils to approach the pieces with serenity and concentration. Reduced to their simplest expression, the theoretical explanations are accompanied by sketches that enhance their clarity. The album comes with a playback CD containing recordings of the different pieces. A relaxed eclecticism runs through the work: illustrious classics such as the Habanera from Carmen or the Variations sur “Ah ! Vous dirai-je Maman” (“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”) by Mozart can be found alongside Un éléphant, ça trompe énormément and Rock’n’roll des Gallinacés. Education is an art form.

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