The Guitar Of Robert Wilkins

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Au contribuit: Miller, John (Autor); Wilkins, Robert (Artist)
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Gen: Blues
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Robert Wilkins (1896-1987) was born in Hernando, a small town in northern Mississippi, which nonetheless managed to contribute such musicians as Frank Stokes, Jim Jackson, Garfield Akers and Joe Callicott to the story of the Blues. Wilkins lived his adult life in Memphis and recorded 13 sides between 1928 and 1930, as well as an additional 4 sides in 1935. Wilkins had a real flair for composition and often invented new forms for his songs. Many of his songs have become landmark performances in the story of the Country Blues. Wilkins' recordings show us a musician with a pronounced compositional talent and a gift for varying the blues structure in interesting ways. His lyrics are equally original, and profoundly poetic, and his subtly powerful guitar-playing and soulful Voces combine for a sound that is unforgettable. Blues authority John Miller presents a detailed guide to the Wilkins style, with a host of songs in detailed transcription and a 48-page tablature booklet.

Piese muzicale incluse:

I Do Blues
I'll Go With Her
Jailhouse Blues
Police Sergeant Blues
Rolling Stone
That's No Way To Get Along