Arnold Schoenberg: Suite For String Orchestra (Partitura)

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Cod catalog: GS82511
Editura: G. Schirmer
Status: Cerere speciala
Categorie: Partitura & Versuri/coarde/String Orchestra/Post-1900/Partitura
Au contribuit: Schoenberg, Arnold (Artist)
Limba: Engleza
Gen: Post-1900
Nr. pagini: 64

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Although beyond the capabilities of most student orchestras, this tonal work was composed for didactic purposes. There is a certain amount of licence with harmony and counterpoint resulting in a style reminscent of Reger, a composer Schoenberg admired. The structure of the Suite is traditional, with a large Overture followed by a slow movement and three dance movements - Menuett, Gavotte, and Gigue.

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Suite For String Orchestra