George Antheil: The Works For Vioara And Piano

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Categorie: Partitura & Versuri/acompaniament/Pian acompaniament/Post-1900/Album instrumental
Au contribuit: Antheil, George (Compozitor); Erickson, Ron (Editor)
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Nivel: 5
Gen: Post-1900
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The American modernist composer George Antheil was known in his time for his 'futuristic' compositions, and is now regarded as one of the first composers to go 'beyond Stravinsky' in sound experimentation. These four Violin Sonatas and one Sonatina use devices such as tone clusters, complex irrational meters, additive silence and timbral distortion. They are not only an often-overlooked part of musical history but are also excellent pieces in their own right; challenging yet rewarding to play.

Piese muzicale incluse:

Sonata No.1
Sonata No.2 [Keller, Godfrey]
Sonata No.3
Sonata No.4