Gian Carlo Menotti: Nocturne For Soprano, Harp And String Quartet

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Cod produs: SKU37770
Cod catalog: GS80037
Editura: G. Schirmer
Status: Cerere speciala
Categorie: Partitura & Versuri/coarde/Cvartet de coarde/Post-1900/Partitura and Parts
Au contribuit: Menotti, Gian Carlo (Compozitor)
Limba: Engleza
Nivel: 4
Gen: Post-1900
Nr. pagini: 32

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This brief, elegaic work was written to pay homage to Lincoln Center benefactress Alice Tully, and was premiered there on October 24 1982. The text is Menotti's own, with thoughts of life, aging, death and rebirth. Being a nocturne - a night-piece - it is a modern-day lullaby, the end of day or life and it is faced with a serene, childlike acceptance of the inevitable. This is reflected in smooth tranquil music that never impedes the flowing pace of the work.

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