The Ancient Music Of Ireland Arranged For Piano

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Au contribuit: Bunting, Edward (Editor)
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Edward Bunting (1773–1843), the first systematic collector of Irish folksongs, was educated as an organ and Piano player in Belfast. His life's work fell upon him at nineteen years old, when he was commissioned as a scribe to notate performances at a gathering of traditional harp players in Belfast in July 1792. He was so inspired by the music that, aided by some of the harpers, he embarked immediately upon travels around northwest Ireland to collect some of the old songs already close to disappearing. He published his first collection of Irish music four years later. In that volume and two later ones, he published almost 300 airs—some of them, according to tradition, dating as far back as the tenth century—and practically single-handedly rescued his country's ancient music from oblivion. The present collection, the last of Bunting's three such gatherings, contains 151 Irish airs arranged for Piano, with the Irish names of the airs, their authors, and (where known) their dates of composition. Hard to find elsewhere, this is an indispensable book not only for students or lovers of Irish music, but also for students of general music history.Reprint of the Hodges and Smith, Dublin, 1840 edition.

Piese muzicale incluse:

A Little Hour Before Day
A Lovely Lass To A Friar Came
A Sailor Loved A Farmer's Daughter
Achill Air
Alas! The Pain Is In My Heart
Ballinderry And Cronan
Banks Of Claudy
Black Rose Bud
Black Rose Bud, Second Set
Black-Headed Deary
Bonny Portmore
Carolan's Devotion
Carolan's Receipt
Carrickmacross Air
Celia Connallon
Celia Connallon, Second Set
Charles Machugh, The Wild Boy
Chorus Jig
Clara Burke
Connor Macareavy
Consider The Story
Coolin, Or Lady Of The Desert
Dear Black Cow
Dermot And His Lass
Did You See The Black Rogue
Dirty James, That Lost Ireland
Doctor John Hart
Down Beside Me
Ellen A Roone
Emon Dodwell
Fanny Power
Get Up Early
Give Me Your Hand
Granu Weal, Or Ma, Ma, Ma
Health From The Cup
Huish The Cat
I Am A Fisherman On Lough Carra
I Am A Poor Rambling Boy
I Am Asleep, And Don't Waken Me
I Can Weave Linen And Woollen
I Do Not Incline
I Will Pay Them Yet
If I Had A Court And Castle
In The Village Lives A Fair Maid
Irish Cry
Irish Jig
Is It The Priest You Want?
Jackson's Mourning Brush
Kilkenny Tune
Kitty Nowlan
Kitty O'Hara
Kitty Quin
Lady Blaney
Lay Iveagh
Little Molly O
Love's A Tormenting Pain
Macdonnell's March
Madam Maxwell
Maguire's Lamentation
Mary With The Fair Locks
Miss Hamilton
Molly, My Treasure
Mrs. Crofton
My Love And Treasure
Nora With The Purse
Nora, My Thousand Treasures
O! Molly Dear
O! White Maive
O'donnell's March
O'Reilly's Lamentation
Paddy O'rafferty
Patrick's Day
Piper's Dance
Planxty Burke
Planxty Charles Coote
Planxty Hugh O'Donnell
Planxty Miss Burke
Planxty Toby Peyton
Ploughman's Whistle
Ploughman's Whistle, Queen's County
Preparing To Sail
Pretty Brown Maid
Rose Connoly
Saely Kelly
Scott's Lamentation For The Baron Of Loughmoe
Sir Festus Burke
Sit Down Under My Protection
Slieve Gallen
Sligo Tune
Sloane's Lamentation
Soft Mild Morning
Spinning-Wheel Songs
Sunday Morning
Sweet Portaferry
Take My Love
The Beggarman
The Blackbird
The Blackbird And The Hen
The Blackbird And The Thrush
The Black-Haired Girl
The Bonny Cuckoo
The Brink Of The White Rocks
The Brown And White Garland
The Chanter's Tune
The Connaught Daisy
The County Tyrone
The Cuckoo's Nest
The Cunning Young Girl
The Darling
The Deaf Old Man
The Foggy Dew
The Gentle Maiden
The Girl I Left Behind
The Hare In The Corn
The Hawk Of Ballyshannon
The Hornless Cow
The Hurler's March, King's County
The Jolly Merchant
The Jolly Ploughman
The Lame Yellow Beggar
The Lamentation Of Youths
The Little Bold Fox
The Little Pot
The Little Swallow
The Miners Of Wicklow
The Pharrah, Or War March
The Pretty Red Girl
The Princess Royal
The Red Man's Wife
The Rejected Lover
The Robber Or Charley Reilly
The Rose Without Rue
The Tree In The Wood
The Wheelwright
The White Blanket
The White Calves
The Wild Colt
The Wild Geese
The Woodhill, Or Lady Maisterton
The Yellow Bittern
The Yellow Blanket
There Was A Young Lady
'Tis A Pity I Don't See My Love
Why Should Not Poor Folk?
Young Bridget
Young James Plunket
Yourself Along With Me