Jean-Baptiste Arban: Complete Conservatory Method For Trumpet

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Editura: Dover Publications
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Categorie: Metoda/Brass/trompeta
Au contribuit: Arban, Jean-Baptiste (Autor)
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Livrare estimativa 3-4 saptamani


"The trumpeter's bible" for over 150 years, this complete pedagogical method contains hundreds of exercises, beginning with basics and progressing to advanced compositions, including the author's famous arrangement of Carnival in Venice . J. B. Arban discusses every aspect of playing—including articulation, tonguing, slurs, tone, and range—sharing the knowledge he acquired from many years of experience as a teacher and performer. He offers an appreciation of all the instrument's inherent difficulties as well as instructive points that touch upon all possible musical questions. The Paris Conservatory's Committee on Music Study noted, "This work is rich in instructive advice, is based upon the best of fundamental principles, and omits not a single instructive point which might be needed for the development and gradual technical perfection of a player." This edition features an Introduction and expert commentary by an instructor well versed in the Arban Method. Reprint of the Fischer, 1912 edition.

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