W.A. Mozart: Best Loved String Quartets - Three Divertimenti, Plus The "Spring," "Dissonance" And "Prussian No.1" Quartets

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Cod catalog: 0486474984
Editura: Dover Publications
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Categorie: Partitura & Versuri/coarde/Cvartet de coarde/Classical/Partitura
Au contribuit: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (Compozitor)
Limba: Engleza
Gen: Classical
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Divertimenti were a popular genre in the 18th century, offering listeners a lighthearted "diversion" at social functions. Mozart wrote these three pieces for string quartet in Salzburg in 1772. The three-movement Italian-style compositions require only wind parts to assume another form, hence their common description as the "Salzburg Symphonies." This authoritative, inexpensive edition of the ever-popular composer's works features three additional quartets: "Spring," "Dissonance," and "Prussian No. 1" Quartets Dover Original.

Piese muzicale incluse:

Divertimento in B Flat K.137
Divertimento In D K.136
Divertimento In F K.138
String Quartet No.14 In G K.387 "Spring"
String Quartet No.19 In C K.465 "Dissonance"
String Quartet No.21 In D K.575 "Prussian No.1"