William S. Gilbert/Arthur Sullivan: Ruddigore (Voce Partitura)

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Cod catalog: 0571534449
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Categorie: Partitura & Versuri/acompaniament/Pian acompaniament/Romantic/Voce Partitura
Au contribuit: Gilbert, William Schwenck (Compozitor); Sullivan, Arthur Seymour (Compozitor)
Limba: Engleza
Gen: Opera, Romantic
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Ruddigore is a dark and haunting tale of dastardly deeds and gruesome ghosts whose evil plans get scuppered by a troupe of bridesmaids, a roguish sailor and a 'little book of etiquette'.

Piese muzicale incluse:

Away, Remorse!
Cheerily Carols The Lark
Fair Is Rose
For Thirty-Five Years I’ve Been Sober And Wary
From The Briny Sea
Hail The Bride Of Seventeen Summers
Happily Coupled Are We
He Yields, He Yields
Henceforth All The Crimes
I Know A Youth
I Once Was A Very Abandoned Person
I Once Was As Meek
I Shipp’d, D’ye See, In A Revenue Sloop
If Somebody There Chanced To Be
If Well His Suit Has Sped
In Bygone Days
In Sailing O’er Life’s Ocean Wide
My Boy, You May Take It From Me
My Eyes Are Fully Open
Oh, Happy The Lily
Oh, Why Am I Moody And Sad?
Painted Emblems Of A Race
Sir Rupert Murgatroyd
The Battle’s Roar Is Over
There Grew A Little Flower
Welcome, Gentry
When I’m A Bad Bart, I Will Tell Taradiddles!
When The Buds Are Blossoming
When The Night Wind Howls
You Understand? I Think I Do