Great Piano Adagios - 60 Works From Bach To Debussy

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Unique and comprehensive, this fantastic collection features a tremendous variety of slow movements for keyboard players. Highlights of these evocative selections come from masterpieces including sonatas of Haydn and Mozart, Chopin preludes and classics such as the opening movement of Beethoven's 'Moonlight' Sonata , Bach's Sinfonia in F Minor and Debussy's Clair De Lune .

Piese muzicale incluse:

A Tear [Mussorgsky, Modest]
Abendlied [Schumann, Robert]
Adagio (Sonata No. 12) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
Adagio (Sonata No.14) [Haydn, Joseph]
Adagio (Sonata No.14) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
Adagio (Sonata No.18) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
Adagio (Sonata No.19)[Haydn, Joseph]
Adagio (Sonata No.6) [Haydn, Joseph]
Adagio (Songs Without Words) [Mendelssohn, Felix]
Adagio [Schubert, Franz]
Adagio In E [Schubert, Franz]
Adagio Op.30-3 [Mendelssohn, Felix]
Adagio Op.53-4 [Mendelssohn, Felix]
Aria [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
Catacombs-Roman Sepulchre [Mussorgsky, Modest]
Child Falling Asleep [Schumann, Robert]
Claire De Lune [Debussy, Claude]
Consolation No.3 [Liszt, Franz]
Consolation No.4 [Liszt, Franz]
Der Doppelgänger [Schubert, Franz] [Liszt, Franz]
Deserted Farm (Woodland Sketches) [MacDowell, Edward]
Doll's Funeral [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich]
Élégie [Massanet, Jules]
Elegy In G Minor [Arensky, Anton]
Euseubius [Schumann, Robert]
Fur Elise [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]
Girl With The Flaxen Hair [Debussy, Claude]
In Tears [Janacek, Leos]
In The Convent [Borodin, Alexander]
Intermezzo In E Flat Minor [Brahms, Johannes]
Jimbo's Lu [Debussy, Claude]
Larghetto [Schumann, Clara]
Largo [Handel, George Frideric]
Morning Mood [Grieg, Edvard]
Morning Prayer [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich]
Nocturne No.14 [Field, John]
Nocturne No.15 [Field, John]
Nocturne No.9 [Field, John]
Nocturne Op.37-1 [Chopin, Frederic]
On The Holy Mountain [Dvorak, Antonin]
Prelude In A Flat [Cui, César]
Prelude In C [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
Prelude Op.16-4 [Scriabin, Alexander]
Prelude Op.2-20 [Chopin, Frederic]
Prelude Op.28-4 [Chopin, Frederic]
Prelude Op.28-6 [Chopin, Frederic]
Prelude Op.74-4 [Scriabin, Alexander]
Sarabande In D Minor [Handel, George Frideric]
Sinfonia In F Minor [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
Slow Dance [Franck, Cesar]
Sonata "Moonlight," 1st mvt. [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]
Sonata "Pathetique," 2nd mvt. [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]
Sonata In D Minor [Scarlatti, Domenico]
Sonata In G Minor [Mendelssohn, Felix]
Song Of The Lark [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich]
The Dying [Alkan, Charles-Valentin]
The Sick Doll [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich]
The Swan [Saint-Saens, Camille]
To A Wild Rose (Woodland Sketches) [MacDowell, Edward]
Traumerei [Schumann, Robert]
Warum? [Schumann, Robert]