Team coarde: Violoncel (Book/CD)

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Cod produs: SKU1669
Cod catalog: 0571528023
Editura: Faber Music
Status: In stoc furnizor
Categorie: Metoda/coarde/Violoncel/Pop/Instrumental Tutor
Au contribuit: Duckett, Richard (Compozitor); Goodborn, Olive (Compozitor); Bull, Christopher (Compozitor)
Limba: Engleza
Nivel: 2
Gen: Baroque, Pop, Classical
Nr. pagini: 66

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For everyone who wants to play coarde. Team coarde is ideal for individual, mixed instrument groups or class tuition. Allows Violin and viola, or Cello and bass to be taught in the same lesson; integrates with Team Brass, Team Woodwind, Team Recorder and Team Percussion to provide mixed instrumental ensembles; contains carefully graded music in a wide variety of styles, from Baroque and Classical to Folk, Film and Jazz; develops instrument-related aural skills, improvisation and composition; offers helpful notes for the teacher, together with Piano accompaniments, ensemble Partituras and parts for wind, brass and percussion. Includes a 2-Octave Scale in the key of C Major. This edition includes a CD of over 75 digital backing tracks of all the melodies, excerpts and pieces for individual and group use.

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