Anthology Of Piano Music Volume 1: The Baroque Period

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Au contribuit: Agay, Denes (Artist)
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Gen: Baroque
Serie: Anthology Of Pian Music
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A repertory of keyboard works by masters of the 17th and 18th centuries, selected and edited by Denes Agay. Includes biographical sketches of the composers and a glossary. Suitable for intermediate to advanced Pianoists.

Piese muzicale incluse:

A New Irish Tune [Purcell, Henry]
Adagio (Martini)
Alman (Gibbons)
Andante Maestoso (Marcello)
Aria Detto Balletto (Frescobaldi)
Ballet (Kindermann)
Bergamasca (Scheidt)
Bourree (Telemann)
Buffone (Maichelbeck)
Cantabile And Fugue (Telemann)
Canzon (Froberger)
Capriccio (Cpe Bach)
Clavier Partie (Tischer)
Coranto [Gibbons, Orlando]
Courante (Double)
Fanfarinette From Pieces De Clavecin (Rameau)
Fantasia (Handel)
Fantasia (Js Bach)
Fantasia (Telemann)
Fantasie (Pachelbel)
Fantasie And Menuet (Mattheson)
Four Arias (Pasquini)
French Suite No.6 (Js Bach)
Fuga From Harmonia Organica (Kindermann)
Fuga Pastorella (Muffat)
Fugue (Pachelbel)
Fugue C Major (Js Bach)
Galliard (Byrd)
Gavotte In D Major [Popper, D]
Ground C Minor (Purcell)
Hornpipe (Loeillet)
Intonazione (Gabrieli)
Inventio No.13 In A Minor (Js Bach)
Inventio No.14 In B Flat Major (Js Bach)
Inventio No.3 In D Major (Js Bach)
La Boiteuse From Pieces De Clavecin (Rameau)
La Gaillarde (Nichelmann)
La Gemissante (Dandrieu)
La Joyeuse (Daquin)
La Tendre (Nichelmann)
La Villageoise (The Peasant Girl) [Rameau, Jean-philippe]
L'ame-en-peine From Ordre No.13 (Couperin)
Le Caquet (Dandrieu)
Le Reveille-matin From Ordre No.4 (Couperin)
Le Rossignol-en-amour From Ordre No.14 (Couperin)
Les Carillons (Kirnberger)
Les Graces Natureles From Ordre No.11 (Couperin)
Loure (Telemann)
Menuet [Lully, Jean Baptiste]
Menuet [Lully, Jean-baptiste]
Passacaglia (Witt)
Passacaille – Chaconne (G255)
Passepied From Melpomene Suite (Fischer)
Pavana (Byrd)
Polonaise (Wf Bach)
Preambulum (Krebs)
Prelude (Blow)
Prelude And Fugue From Ariadne Musica (Fischer)
Preludium And Fuga In E Flat Major (Js Bach)
Preludium And Fuga In F Major (Js Bach)
Presto (Paradisi)
Ricercata (Trabacci)
Rigadoon (Musicks Handmaid) [Purcell, Henry]
Rigaudon [Telemann, Georg Philipp]
Sarabande And Giga (Zipoli)
Sarabande for a sandwich
Sarabandes From Pieces De Clavecin (Rameau)
Siciliana (Muffat)
Sinfonia Three-voice Invention
Sonata (Kirnberger)
Sonata (Pergolesi)
Sonata B Flat Major (Scarlatti)
Sonata B Minor (Scarlatti)
Sonata G Major (Scarlatti)
Sonata No.84 (Soler)
Sonatina (Handel)
Suite B Minor (Froberger)
Suite No.11 (Handel)
Suite No.4 (Purcell)
Theme And Variations (Zipoli)
Toccata (Leo)
Toccata (Seixas)
Toccata (Sweelinck)
Toccata And Fugue (Muffat)
Transcription Of A Gavotte By Gluck
Two Divertimenti (Durante)
Two Gigues
Two Pieces From Musical Pastime (Rathgeber)
Variations On An Aria By Lully (Buxtehude)
Zarabanda (Partita In C) [Turina, Joaquin]