The Piano Songbook - Contemporary Songs

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The Piano is often mistakenly viewed as taking a secondary role to the guitar in the world of rock music, with the industry often favouring the eye-catching antics of a larger-than-life axe-weilding hero to the seated sincerity of the Piano. In the meantime, a new generation of bands and artists are correcting the balance, pushing the Piano to the front of the stage and writing music with a passion and depth that challenges the preconceptions. This generous selection of the very best contemporary pop and rock songs by some of the most intriguing and creative artists of recent years, all selected for the modern Pianoist. The chosen artists include Mercury Music Award-winners Antony & The Johnsons, Montreal's cinematic folk-rockers The Arcade Fire and the addictively eccentric Regina Spektor. Each song has been carefully transcribed from the original recording, and includes full lyrics and guitar chords.

Piese muzicale incluse:

A Coral Room [Bush, Kate]
Bad Day [Powter, Daniel]
Brighter Than Sunshine [Aqualung]
Catch The Sun [Cullum, Jamie]
Cold Water [Rice, Damien]
Crown Of Love [Arcade Fire, The]
Dear John [Adams, Ryan] [Jones, Norah]
For Today I Am A Boy [Antony & The Johnsons]
I Sat Down [Hal]
I Want None Of This [Radiohead]
If I Ain't Got You [Keys, Alicia]
Pretty Things [Wainwright, Rufus]
Puncture Repair [Elbow]
St Petersburg [Supergrass]
Sweet Kinda Something [Beulah]
The Art Teacher [Wainwright, Rufus]
The Seer's Tower [Stevens, Sufjan]
Unplayed Piano [Rice, Damien] [Hannigan, Lisa]
Us [Spektor, Regina]
What Would You Have Me Do? [Ford, David]
Wicked Soul [Kubb]
Wither I Must Wander [Wainwright, Martha]
You're Beautiful [Blunt, James]