Dinosaurs! Grades 2-3 (Piano)

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Editura: Faber Music
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Categorie: Partitura & Versuri/Pian & Keyboard/Pian Solo/Children/Album instrumental
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Limba: Engleza, Franceza, Germana
Nivel: 2
Gen: Children
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This book is filled with eleven fun and exciting pieces for Pianoists of grade 2-3 standard. These dancing dinosaurs will add to the excitement of discovering new musical techniques and helpful notes from the composers give tips on how they should be played. When all the work is done children can have fun colouring in the pictures.

Piese muzicale incluse:

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Dopey Diplodocus [York, John]
Flying Fossils [Rae, James]
Frozen Footprints [Bennett, Ned]
Pterodactyl Take-Off! [Wedgwood, Pam]
Raptor Claws Is Coming To Town [Bennett, Ned]
Raptor Snatcher [York, John]
Stegosaurus Stomp [Wedgwood, Pam]
The Big Fella [Rae, James]
Triceratops Tango [Wedgwood, Pam]
Waltzing With Dinosaurs [Milne, Elissa]