John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course: First Pop Hits

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Cod produs: SKU119603
Cod catalog: WMR101486
Editura: Willis Music
Status: Livrare estimativa 4-6 saptamani
Categorie: Partitura & versuri/pian & Keyboard/pian Solo/Pop/Mixed Songbook
Au contribuit: Thompson, John (Autor)
Limba: Engleza
Nivel: 2
Gen: Pop, Rock
Serie: John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course
Nr. pagini: 32


First Pop Hits is a collection of popular songs in simplified arrangements designed for Pianists working through parts two to four of the renowned John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course . This repertoire book has been specially created to be complementary with the original and best selling Easiest Piano Course . The songs are ordered so that they progress in difficulty, so that songs at the beginning, like Fight For This Love and Let It Be , are best suited to beginning Piano players just getting started with the course. As the book progresses, songs like The Sound Of Silence and Let It Go are introduced, reinforcing more advanced musical techniques through well-known songs. To see the full list of songs included in First Pop Hits scroll down. With 15 contemporary pieces, this songbook is ideal for students who will be able to put what they've learned into practice with songs that are enjoyable, fun and familiar. This will help to develop musicality since the student will know how the song is supposed to be played. Helpfully, dynamics and phrasing are not included with some of the earlier pieces, since these concepts are not introduced until part three of the course. Outline fingering is included, with the hand assumed to stay in a five-finger position until a new position is indicated. The pieces can also be used as sight-reading practice for more advanced students, making these pieces truly versatile and useful. Whether you or your student is working through John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course , First Pop Hits is the perfect songbook to transform the newly-learned skills and techniques into the beginnings of a crowd-pleasing repertoire.