Groove Lab - Flute (Book/CD)

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Gen: Alternative, Pop
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Groove Lab contains ten pieces reflecting current sounds including techno, house, garage and ambient. The accompanying CD provides cool, professional backing tracks to encourage confident performances while reinforcing skills and techniques. It is also ideal for the development of jazz playing and improvisation skills. While the books are aimed at individual learning, they can be flexible and can also accommodate a large group or class situation. This book for Flute with CD backing will give young Flautists the chance to play familiar, popular styles and rhythms at relatively early stage.

Piese muzicale incluse:

Amsterdam [Motion, David]
Brick Lane [Motion, David]
Deep Cover [Motion, Andy]
Didgeri Blues [Hampton, Andy]
Left For Swindon [Hampton, Andy]
Marimba Heaven [Hampton, Andy]
Overload [Motion, David]
Soho [Motion, David]
Wot's The Buzz? [Hampton, Andy]
Yer Dinner's In The Dog [Hampton, Andy]