Bates: Le Voyage Magique (Traduction Et Adaptation Par Stéphane Blet) Niveau 1 (Avec Portées) – Découvreur / Théorie

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Serie: Voyage Magique
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Conceived for Piano beginners, Piano Discoveries Theory - Niveau 1, Discovery , with staves (equivalent to volume 1B) is progressive and includes many illustrations, which enable children to become familiar with music theory only. The second in a series of eight, it completes the Piano method. Le Voyage magique is the translation and adaptation by Stéphane Blet of the American series Piano Discoveries by Janet Vogt and Leon Bates . The pedagogy of this book has been studied to be quite close to the language of children, in order to develop their interest and concentration. Janet Vogt is an American Pianoist, professor at the College-Conservatory of Music. She also composed pieces for Keyboards, for Choirs, and some pop music. <>br Leon Bates (born 1949) is a renowned American Pianoist who performed with the New York Symphony, the Cleveland Symphony and many others. He is also a professor and participated in the conception of this method. Stéphane Blet is an international solo Pianoist who decided to focus on the composition of pieces and on teaching. He is currently professor in the École Normale de Musique “Alfred Cortot”.

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