East Coast Pictures. Wind Band (Sc&pts)

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These three short ‘pictures’ were inspired by several visits to a small part of the American East Coast, an area which provides great extremes in the geography and the people.'Shelter Island' is a small island situated almost at the end of Long Island, a few hours drive east of New York. In the summer it becomes a crowded tourist trap but in the winter it is gloriously deserted, and bravely faces the onslaught of the turbulent Atlantic, shrouded in sea mists and driving rain. In upstate New York lie 'The Catskills' Mountains, an extraordinary combination of tranquillity and power, peace and majesty. Once seen they call you back again and again.New York - or to be more precise, Manhattan. For anyone who is familiar with this bizarre and wonderful city, this ‘picture’ needs no explanation. For those not yet hooked, here is a small foretaste of things to come!

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