Rockschool Ukulele - Debut (2016+)

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Cod catalog: RSK200037
Editura: Rockschool Ltd.
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Categorie: metoda/chitara & Bass/Ukulele
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Limba: Engleza
Nivel: 1
Gen: Education, Folk, Pop, Rock
Serie: Rockschool Ukulele 2016+
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Everything you need for your Rockschool Debut Ukulele exam in one essential book. Rockschool's first ever Ukulele syllabus has been designed to provide access to contemporary and classic repertoire for all aspiring music students. Duet arrangements are included for every piece and are designed to afford teachers the opportunity to run both one to one and ensemble lessons. The same range of supporting tests and professional standard backing tracks that are available in all other Rockschool products are featured and the popularity of the repertoire speaks for itself. Featuring: Pieces from the worlds of Rock, Pop, Metal, Blues, Country, Jazz and Ukulele Specialists Professional backing tracks for both pieces and supporting tests Duet arrangements available at every grade Fact files and technical guidance Plus: Ear tests Technical Exercises Sight Reading and Improvisation examples General Musicianship Questions