Let’s Rock Drums – Start Playing Now!

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Let’s Rock Drums will give you everything you need to know to get started playing the Drums, learn the essentials so you can get seriously good, seriously fast. With over 100 audio tracks, quick guide videos and 12 lessons in 6 different styles, you’ll be playing before you know it. Book Features:   Over 1 hour of downloadable video and audio content. Instrument quick guide – what everything’s called, how it works and everything in-between! How to read music – learn how to read music quickly and simply. 12x lessons in 6 different styles – each lesson includes audio and video tuition. 6 pieces, 6 varying styles – put your skills to the test with 6 kick ass pieces. Play - Rock, Pop, Indie, Metal, Hip Hop and Country. 120 audio tracks – supporting audio for every musical example and piece. Video lessons – on getting started and key techniques. Quiz – put your skills to the test with the interactive quizzes. Dropcard – instantly download the accompanying audio and video hassle free!   What you’ll learn:   The basics of music notation & your instrument. Rock, Pop, Metal, Country, Indie and Hip Hop. Simple phrases, beats, and fills.   Watch the promotional video here: Let’s Rock is perfect for both students and teachers. Teachers can use each book as self explanatory ‘grab and go’ resources with ‘day one’ drummers. Similarly, first time drummers can pick up the book and instantly get going, even before they’ve had their first lesson.