Rockschool Companion Guide - Band Based Keys

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Editura: Rockschool Ltd.
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Categorie: metoda/pian & Keyboard/Keyboard/Rock/Study
Au contribuit: Ward, Jeremy (Autor); Ward, Jeremy (Editor); Uings, James (Editor)
Limba: Engleza
Nivel: 2
Gen: Rock, Pop, Education
Serie: Rockschool Band Based Keys
Nr. pagini: 122

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The technical aspects of an exam can be the most daunting. Banish the fear of the unknown with this essential reference guide to Band Based Keys from Debut to Grade 5. The Band Based Keys Companion Guide contains six examples of each of the following tests, as well as two supporting CDs: Sight reading (D – 5) Improvisation and interpretation ( 1-5) * audio on the CD Ear tests (D – 5) * audio on the CD PLUS Examples of general musicianship questions Technical exercises – printed in full Introductions for each section with tips for practising and advice on how to approach the exam