Jonny Martin/Chris Duffill: Edexcel AS Music Technology Revision Guide

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Editura: Rhinegold Education
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Categorie: Music for Schools/Coursework
Au contribuit: Martin, Jonny (Autor); Duffill, Chris (Autor)
Limba: Engleza
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Tracks are recommended throughout the book to accompany various activities or for broader listening opportunities. We have prepared a series of iTunes playlists grouped by genre as in the book to help you access the tracks easily - please follow the links in this PDF to access the playlists. Links to iTunes playlists This concise Revision Guide provides students with key information when revising and preparing for the final AS Music Technology exams. Written by an experienced teacher and examiner, it provides a simple breakdown of the exam requirements alongside clear explanations of the technology and stylistic features of music expected to be identified during the exam, plus advice for students on how to answer the questions. How to identify the sounds of music technology How to identify the 'style fingerprints' of pop genres and artists Advice on how to write extended responses Top ten revision tips Test-yourself questions Written to complement the Rhinegold Edexcel AS/A2 Music Technology Study Guide, 2nd edition and Edexcel AS/A2 Music Technology Listening Tests, 2nd edition , this book will give students the edge in their final preparations for the AS Music Technology exam.