Lick Library: Acoustic Blues For Absolute Beginners

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Cod produs: SKU101469
Cod catalog: RDR0436
Editura: Roadrock International
Status: Cerere speciala
Categorie: Instructional DVD & Video/chitara & Bass/chitara/Blues/Instrumental Tutor
Au contribuit: Gill, Danny (Autor)
Limba: Engleza
Nivel: 1
Gen: Blues
Serie: Lick Library
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This superb DVD?includes a selection of easy to absorb lessons that are designed to teach the beginner guitarist some of the essential basics of blues guitar playing. Over the course of this DVD you will learn some essential lead guitar techniques such as string bending, hammer on and pull off, sliding, and vibrato that can also be other styles of guitar playing from jazz to metal. This DVD includes: Essential blues techniques including; 12 bar blues in E (dominant 7th chords) Finger style blues Chord embellishments 8 bar blues Quick change blues and shuffle rhythms 12 bar blues in A (6th and 9th chords) Blues bends Soloing over a blues progression; licks, double stops, turnaround licks Scales, arpeggios and much more!