Pure Tone: Classical Guitar Pack 4/4

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This Classical Guitar Pack from Pure Tone contains everything you might need to start a prolific Classical Guitar-playing career. With a beautiful-sounding Guitar, a tuner to help you stay on pitch and a beginners tuition book, you'll be plucking and playing straight away.   The full-size Classical Guitar is a wonderful-player, with its linden body and maple fretboard. It looks beautiful and it sounds even better, producing those warm and clear tones that are associated with the sumptuous sound of that instrument. With the Pure Tone Classical Guitar , you can learn to play one of the loveliest instruments at an affordable price, making it great for beginners looking at purchasing their first instrument.    Because this is a Classical Guitar Pack, you'll get the full-size Guitar itself, as well as a fantastically useful clip-on tuner and a great beginners tuition book. With the tuner, you can clip it to the Guitar's headstock, and its LED screen will shine brightly, letting you see exactly what note you are playing and how much to tune to reach the correct pitch. This will ensure you're always in tune and are (hopefully!) sounding great. The Absolute Beginners Classical Guitar book will take you through the very basics of your new Classical Guitar , from its construction to correct posture all the way to playing your first tunes.    So, you have decided to start learning the Classical Guitar, but aren't sure where to begin. You'll need a tuner to keep you on pitch, a book to get you started but most of all, you'll need the Guitar itself. With the Pure Tone Classical Guitar Pack, you'll get all of these essential items at one eminently affordable price.   You might also find that you need a Guitar footstool, check out this  Pure Tone Footstool   for the perfectly positioned posture.   See below for a video demonstration of the sumptuous sounds of this Classical Guitar: