Pure Tone: Guitar Footstool

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With the Pure Tone Guitar Footstool your feet will always be in a great position while your hands and fingers do all the work. If you play classical Guitar in particular, and you find that your back aches while playing, a Footstool is perfect for you . Proper body positioning is crucial when playing any kind of Guitar, but especially the classical Guitar, when it is critical that you play accurately and precisely. Back pains can seriously damage your willingness to practise which, in turn, will affect your playing ability. If you find you have back pains at all while practising, why not try out the Pure Tone Guitar Foot Rest  and see the comfort and relaxation that you have while playing improve dramatically. This Guitar Footstool  is constructed so that it's sturdy and durable, meaning it will stay in one place when you want it to and will also be able to be transported wherever you go, so you'll always be comfortable whenever you play. With a rubberised top, you can be sure your foot won't slip off this stool, allowing you to focus on playing those notes and chords perfectly. Whatever style of Guitar you play, whether it's classical, acoustic, electric or lapsteel, a Footstool  can seriously change your playing. It can make you take a better posture and therefore reduce physical strain when practising or playing for extended durations. The Pure Tone Guitar Footstool  is an affordable, durable solution to your posture-problems, allowing you to fully focus on making fantastic music.